Daisypath App view
I have created a Daisypath App for iPhone / iPad / iPod that you can purchase through the Apple App store. The App allows you to create and use tickers on your iOS device without an Internet connection.

In the Daisypath App you can create tickers for Anniversary, Friendship, Birthday, Travel and Vacation, Graduation and Events.

In View, you will always see which event is coming up next.

In Notify, you can set notifications to regularly display updated ticker text on your lock screen, as a banner or an alert.

In Share you can post full-size and mini-ticker images to Facebook, Twitter, send them via email or save tickers to your camera roll.

In Publish there is one click to copy code snippets you can use to publish updating ticker graphics on many websites, blogs, email and forum signatures.

The App installs with the minimum of images to keep the initial download small. Once installed you can download lots more images in FREE ticker packages listed in the Options: Available Packages section.

Daisypath App Widget
We have made big changes to the Daisypath Android App to allow for multiple, independent and configurable widgets. Now you can have as many Daisypath Widgets on your home screen as you want, all with a unique ticker listing.

When you put a Widget on your home screen, you can select the tickers you want to display on each Widget in the Widget Configuration page.

Double click on the widget if you want to change the tickers displayed. Single click on the widget if you want to refresh the ticker or cycle through a set of tickers.

If you already have the Daisypath App installed, any widgets will need to be removed from the home screen and re-added in order to enable the new features.