How do I a ticker to my signature on

For you need to insert the image URL. To do this,

On Daisypath:

  1. Click on the Image URL link under your preview image when you have created a ticker on Daisypath.
  2. In the code snippet box, click on the img URL to select it, then right click and choose Copy to copy the code snippet to your clipboard
On, sign in to your account, and click on the Edit Profile link, then scroll down to the Signature box. For each image:
  1. Click on the Insert/Edit image icon.
    Parents insert image icon
  2. Right click in the URL field, and choose Paste to paste in your image URL from Daisypath. Click on OK.
    Parents image URL
Repeat for any other images you want to use. Then click on the Save Changes button (at the top and bottom of the Edit Profile form) and you are done.