How do I add a ticker to my forum signature , and what is a signature anyway?

On many forums, once you have logged in you can go to your Preferences and in the Signature field you can enter some text which will be added to the bottom of every post you make.

Often it will say whether HTML is enabled, or Ezcode or whatever. Click on the links to the right of Forum signatures when you create your ticker to get code snippets in the different code formats. These can be copy-and-pasted into the Signature field for your forum. For some forums, you can just enter the image URL. If there are text formatting buttons, looks for an icon that looks like a little landscape. There is an Image URL to the right of Websites when you create your ticker on Daisypath. Of course, there are many different forums and they all do things differently. For instance, not all forums allow you to add a signature.

Often you can find threads on your forum on how to add a Daisypath ticker. A good way to find them is to do a Google search with the phrase Daisypath site:your forum URL where you replace the phrase "your forum URL" with the URL for your forum. This tells Google to search your forum for references to Daisypath. For instance, if I wanted to know how to add it to BabyCenter I would search for:
Daisypath site:

If you can't work out how to add a signature, ask the forum moderator (or Administrator) on the forum you are using. Or if you see someone else using a ticker, ask them how they did it.