Why isn't my ticker ticker counting down, it has been showing the same text for the last few days.

This generally just means your browser is caching the ticker rather than getting a new copy. For most browsers, you can use shortcut keys to force a full reload of the page.

For Windows: hold down your Ctrl key while you click on F5.
For Mac: hold down your Apple (or command) key while you click on R.
For Linux: F5.

There are step-by-step instructions to completely clear the cache for many browsers at the site Refresh your cache.

If clearing the cache doesn't work, the application you have pasted the ticker to may have cached the image instead of storing the image URL. The image URL is required to download the latest version of the image from the Lilypie server. You could try asking the support for your application if it is possible to use a dynamically generated image using the image URL.