I use a browser to access my email online using my Internet providers Webmail. How can I add a Daisypath signature?

Many web-based email programs will display HTML mail so you can see a ticker that has been sent to you, but if you paste a ticker HTML code snippet into the signature field it just displays as text not an image. You can check with your Internet Provider's support whether their signature field allows HTML signatures for your Webmail.

What you can do with some Webmail applications such as Comcast, is to add the ticker as an attachment. When you, or the intended recipients open the email, the attachment will open at the bottom of the e-mail as the ticker. The downside, is that you have to attach the ticker each time.

To add a ticker as an attachment:

  1. Create an HTML signature file by clicking on HTML file under Email signatures when you create your ticker.
  2. Save it somewhere that you always have access to (such as saving it in an e-mail sent to yourself and saved in your online saved folder).
  3. Each time you send an e-mail, attach the html file you created.

Alternatively, if you are running Windows, you can set up an email program such as Outlook Express to send and receive your email, no matter what ISP you are using. Outlook Express comes standard with all installations of Windows and your ISP will generally have instructions in their Help section as to how to set up Outlook Express with your account. You can then use the step-by-step instructions here to add a Daisypath signature to your email account.

For both PC and Mac users, there is an excellent free email program called Thunderbird that you can use for your email. There are step-by-step instructions here to add your Daisypath signature to Thunderbird.

So, far we have been unable to use the ticker with the majority of Webmails signature fields eg. Comcast webmail, Wmconnect mail, iwon mail, Bellsouth,Charter, Cox, Earthlink, Aim webmail, Blueyonder mail and Verizon mail.

Let me know if you have any success using the ticker with these programs or find other email programs that it doesn't work with.

For plain text emails tools that don't allow graphic signatures I just have a link to the image. e.g.;

Look how old my baby is: