How do I create a signature in Outlook 2007?

Creating an HTML signature in Outlook 2007 is no longer easy. You will need to be experienced at editing configuration settings. I can't make these directions any simpler, if you are unsure try asking a friend with more experience to help.

To create and save your Daisypath signature file:

  1. Click on the Outlook link below your preview image on the ticker code page.
  2. In the code snippet box, click on the download your ticker HTML file link and be sure to select the Save file option in the file download dialogue box.
  3. Navigate to where you want to save your file in the 'Save As' dialogue box. Click on Save.
There is no option in Outlook 2007 to install a signature file, and you can't directly paste HTML into the Edit Signature dialogue as it will display as text not an image. What you can do is, place an HTML file directly into the Signature folder in your hidden Microsoft Application data.

When you create a signature in Outlook 2007 it creates 3 files (.htm, .txt and .rtf). You can replace the .htm file with your own html file.

To create a signature in Outlook 2007:

  1. Go to Tools / Options / Mail Format.
  2. Click on Signatures.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Give your signature a name eg. daisypath.
  5. Click on OK
  6. You don't need to put anything into the signature, we are just doing it so that Outlook creates the files it needs. Click on OK and you are done.
  7. Close Outlook
Locate your signature folder:
In a "Run" prompt (you will find "Run" in your start menu or by typing Windows Key+R),
  • for XP type %userprofile%\\Application Data\\Local\\Microsoft\\Signatures
  • for Vista try %userprofile%\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Signatures or

Your signature folder should now open. Otherwise, you can try searching for a Signatures folder and see if you can find it that way. The location will be something similar to:
C:\\Documents and Settings\\<your user name>\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Signatures\\
c:\\Users\\<your user name>\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Signatures

You should see 3 files created for your signature. (daisypath.htm, daisypath.txt and daisypath.rtf) If you don't see the file extensions go to Tools / Folder Options / View and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

Replace the HTML file created by Outlook:
Create an HTML file by clicking on HTML file under the Email signatures link when you create your ticker on Daisypath. Rename your html file to match the .htm file in Outlook. Copy this file to your Outlook signature folder.

To start using your new signature

  1. Restart Outlook.
  2. Click on New
  3. Click on Signature and select your signature from the list. Your signature will now be added to your mail.

NB To have your Lilypie signature display as an image, you need your email to be in HTML format. To check for this, click on Options in the Mail dialogue. Make sure HTML is highlighted above Format.