In Outlook Express my ticker does not update, it stays on the same days. How do I get it to refresh?

This is usually caused by Outlook Express caching the ticker image. Outlook Express sends a copy of the image with the email when you send it, depending on your Internet Connection settings it may just send an old copy of the image rather than getting the latest image from Daisypath.

You may need to change your Internet Explorer settings. This is because Outlook shares the Internet Connections settings with IE.

  1. Go to Tools / Options / Connection in Outlook Express.
  2. Click on Change...
  3. Select the General tab, then Settings..
  4. Under Temporary Internet files you can see how often your browser is set to Check for new versions of stored pages. I have mine set to Automaticaly, if you have this and your ticker image isn't updated you could try Every visit to the page.

By the way, you can get to the same dialogue box through IE by going to Tools / Internet Options etc.

Of course, all this is only based on my use of Outlook Express. If you need more advice you are probably better to check with Microsoft support.