How do I put a Daisypath ticker on my MySpace page?

On Daisypath:
  1. Create a ticker then click on the MySpace link under the Preview image.
  2. Right click in the Code snippet box, and choose Copy to copy the HTML code snippet to your clipboard.
On MySpace: There are probably many places you could put it on your MySpace page. Look for places where it says to enter you own HTML and use the HTML code snippet from Daisypath.

One option is to have it in your blog header (not in the new MySpace beta).

  1. In the MySpace Profile menu click on My Blog.
  2. Click on Customize My Blog. There is a link at the left below your profile image.
  3. Under Page Header select Your Own Header HTML and paste in an HTML code snippet from Daisypath.
  4. Click on Update. It is all the way at the bottom of the form.
In the new MySpace beta you can add tickers to a Marquee area below the MySpace menu on your Profile page.
  1. Go to your Profile on MySpace and click on the Customize button.
  2. If you don't already have a Marquee, click on the Change layout bar, and select Add a "Marquee", then click on the Publish button.
  3. Mouse over the Marquee area in your Profile, then click on the Settings button (it looks like a small flower displayed below the word Marquee).
  4. In the HTML box, paste in your Daisypath HTML. You can also enter a height for your Marquee, the default is 250 pixels but if you only want it the height of one ticker, you can set it to 80.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button. Then click on the X box closers to close the dialogue boxes.
Another option is to put it in your About me section in your profile. To do this:
  1. Under the MySpace Profile menu link, click on Edit profile
  2. In the About me text box, past in your HTML code snippet from Daisypath.
  3. Click on Save Changes either at the top or the bottom of the form.

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