My Daisypath Windows gadget is not displaying in Vista. How do I fix it?

If you are only seeing part of your Daisypath Windows gadget in your Vista sidebar, you will need to detach the gadget from the Sidebar. At 130 pixels the Sidebar is too narrow to fully show the tickers. To detach a gadget from the Sidebar, drag it to the desktop.

If you can't see your gadget at all, it may be because the Sidebar is hidden. One thing to remember is that the sidebar application on Vista isn't part of the desktop, you can detach gadgets and place them outside of the Sidebar on the desktop but they are still part of the sidebar, so if the Sidebar isn't displaying the detached gadgets won't either.

You can display the Sidebar, by clicking on the Windows Key and the space-bar at the same time.

If use the Show desktop shortcut (Windows-D) it will hide the sidebar.

If you use the minimise shortcut (Windows-M) it will minimise all the windows you currently have open, without hiding the sidebar.