6 Mar 2012  
 Daisypath Page tabs on Facebook 
For people with Facebook pages, I have updated the Daisypath app on Facebook to include Page tabs. Daisypath page tabs can be added to any Facebook Page that you have admin rights to. Facebook Pages don't include your Home page or personal Profile, they are generally created for organizations and shared interests. More about Pages on Facebook.

For instance, if your friends or family have a Facebook Page, you can each add your tickers to a Daisypath Page tab. The tickers are sorted so that the next event is always at the top of the Page tab.
How to add a Daisypath Page tab to your Facebook page.

Here is a screenshot of my Daisypath Page tab on Facebook:

Daisypath Page tab on Facebook

View my Daisypath Page tab on Facebook

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